We are a Mom and Son duo who curate and sell vintage, antique, and some really cool items we fell in love with, all sourced from thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, auctions, and periodically from our own private collections. Our inventory will be available in multiple online stores like EBAY, ETSY, and POSHMARK. Our eBay Store will feature BUY NOW items as well as WEEKLY AUCTIONS. We plan to list new inventory weekly. Make sure to sign up for our MOM AND SON PICKERS NEWSLETTER to get info about new listings and monthly giveaways. And be sure to stay tuned for the launch of our YouTube Channel.

About Us

Hello folks! I’m Allison, the “Mom” in Mom and Son Pickers. I was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, in the 50s by a single mom, and money was always tight. Fortunately, my mom loved going to thrift stores. She passed that love on to me, and I, in turn, passed it on to my son, Christopher. As we have traveled and lived around the country, we have both been avid collectors and thrifters for decades.

Chris and I have distinctly unique personalities and perspectives, reflected in our eclectic online offerings. That said, we’ve been building an extensive inventory of vintage costume jewelry, art glass and pottery, coins, advertising memorabilia, clothing and accessories, and some cool, off-the-wall, and unique items to sell on our online store platforms. Store links are listed below. We hope you will visit us!

And please sign up for our Mom and Son Pickers Newsletter, where you will learn about new inventory, LIVE Auctions, monthly contests, and FREE Giveaways. Sharing Treasures and Thrifting Together, we are always hunting for old, new, bizarre, collectible, and just plain fun must-have (or want-to-have) items. You’ll hear more about our picking journeys when we launch our new YouTube Channel in the coming months—oh, and one last thing. I’m also the author of over 32 non-fiction and fiction books, including seven in the Setting Boundaries® series. I’ve included a link to my writing website below for more information.

Have a blessed day!
Allison and Christopher
Aka: Mom and Son

Vintage Jewelry  |  Art Glass | Ceramics  |  Accessories | Unique Decor
The same inventory is featured  in all of our online stores.


We will launch our eBay Store first, followed by the other platforms.
Please check back and be sure to subscribe to our Mom and Son Pickers Newsletter for updates!


Visit Allison’s website to learn more about her 32+ published books including the bestselling Setting Boundaries series. AllisonBottke.com


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